• Primary School No. 2 of the Heroes of 8th Dresden Infantry Division in Sianów

      • Primary School No. 2 of the Heroes of 8th Dresden Infantry Division in Sianów is situated in the north of Zachodniopomorskie Province in the District of Koszalin, the Commune of Sianów. 461 pupils and pre-schoolers attend this school and its divisions. The school participated in the Global Education – Leaders of Education project for development, which was implemented by the Education Development Centre in Warsaw, and it was awarded with the School of Leaders 2017 statuette.



        - experienced teachers

        - pleasant and intimate atmosphere

        - numerous extracurricular activities

        - active methods of work

        - care about the pupil’s well-being

        - medical care

        - complete feeling of safety


        It is our goal to meet the children’s needs and expectations; we invite them to our institution, and we offer:

        • complete sense of security

        • development of abilities and skills

        • high level of didactic classes

        • various forms of work with children

        • wide range of extracurricular activities

        • guidance counsellor’s aid

        • pupils’ safety

        The school introduces the pupils to the world of science. The personnel includes highly qualified teachers, ones who are very enthusiastic about offering the best education possible to their pupils. The teachers teach the children how to be independent and assist them in taking decisions related to further education.

        Additional activities
        The school makes every effort so as to organize the pupils’ leisure time in an interesting manner. Talented students may always count on professional aid on the part of their teachers, who support young people in their development and strengthen the sense of their value. Depending on the interests on the part of the pupils, various extracurricular activities are offered.


        The teachers offer a friendly environment to the pupils:

        • they foster their broad development

        • they ensure the sense of security

        • they teach positive thinking and creativity

        • they use diversified active methods and forms of work

        • they work on individual basis both with those pupils who are talented and who are experiencing difficulties in study

        • they organize various school and inter-school competitions


        The school guarantees the following:

        • competent teachers and educators

        • care, conditions of education that are friendly, safe and beneficial to one’s health

        • respect of the pupil’s rights

        • conditions for the correct psycho-physical development and recreation

        • possibility to learn about the region and the state

        Our school’s graduate:

        • is tolerant: understands that differences between people is something normal and desirable

        • functions perfectly in their environment

        • is active: is keen on sports in various forms

        • is considerate: is aware of threats in their environment

        • is interested in the world: is keen on collecting information by using a variety of sources

        • is righteous: is able to differentiate between bad and good deeds

        • is open: makes use of the possibilities offered at home and at school

        • is critical: is able to select and order information acquired

        • is responsible: makes efforts to predict the consequences of their actions